Backend Sales Mastermind : Increasing Profits With Backend Offer

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Increasing Your Profits 
With Backend Offers - Complete Guide To Building A Profitable Sales Funnel 

How easy do you think it is for our competitors to literally steal our sales if we heat up the customer base, tease them with a product and while they're in an outright buying frenzy, hungry for more information, eager to buy MORE and MORE from us and we toss them out in the cold? 

Where do you think these buyers are headed if WE fail to give them direction? 

They're scrambling over to the competition, that's where they are. 

*It's like dangling bait in front of thousands of hungry fish and shaking it off 
so we only pull in a single guppy..* 

Yet, for many of us we don't even consider just how much money we're losing. We think that building a profitable backend is simply too complicated or too much work. 

I'll be the first to admit that when he first introduced me to backend profits, I was skeptical about whether I would be able to find the time (or dedication) to consistently building and expanding on it.. but I gave it a fair shot, and based my decision on results alone - after all, THAT is all that really matters right? 

Find out exactly how to to set up a profitable back-end system that is guaranteed to maximize your income with very little time or work involved. These proven strategies are responsible for generating thousands of dollars in added profits, and will work for every market and niche imaginable. 

Discover what the easiest back-end systems are and how you can position yourself for success from the initial product development phase. (It's important to plan ahead in order to squeeze every last dime out of every single sale you make) - See page 6 

Common mistakes to avoid. Upsells and Backend offers are entirely different things. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of misdirected offers and build a powerful backend system that will run on complete autopilot, quickly and easily! 

Find out how a solid back-end system can PAY for all of your advertising costs while making you more money even with a very small customer base! (When you incorporate these backend strategies into your sales funnel, you only need a handful of customers to make 5x what you are making now with exhaustive advertising campaigns) - See page 13 

The critical steps to adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line.. This is where I go into detail and reveal my personal back-end system that has NEVER failed to produce results. From HOW, WHEN and WHERE to set up your back-end system, right down to the price points and offers, I'll guide you every step of the way. 

The simple process of automatically extending the relationship with every customer and creating a high value proposition while leveraging your existing product line and building brand awareness and credibility in your niche market. If you have ever wanted to be the authority figure for your niche, you absolutely NEED to read this chapter. 

Why building a backend is essential if you are interested in joint ventures or in building a rapid affiliate army that is willing and eager to promote your brand. You will be able to network faster and easier with people who have the power to take your business to the next level just by setting up a surefire system that benefits YOU and THEM! 

And much more Inside!

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