Surviving the Recession: 100 Ways To Save Money, Cut Costs and Survive in Todays Economy

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Surviving the Recession 
By Douglas Hanna 

Survive the Recession, Discover How to Cut Costs and Win the Recession Game! 

We could go on and on about how bad the economy is. That would be redundant since there isn't a person in the country who has not been affected. 

We won't insult your intelligence by pointing out the obvious. What we will do is direct you to a very helpful resource to help you get through these times. 

Learn how to get more out of your paycheck and if you've never done it, put together a budget you can live with. 

Learn how you can save in just about every area of your life. 
Discover how to save at everything from your mortgage to health care. 

The first thing to understand is that you are in this by yourself. There are no magic bullets or safety nets poised to soften the landing when you fall off the cliff. You have to look out for you and yours because no one else is going to do it. 

There are steps you can take to minimize the effects on your finances. You just need to know where to begin. 

We believe we have the answers to your questions about where to begin your quest on fighting the recession monster. "Surviving the Recession" is just what the doctor ordered to cure your recession ills. 

You've taken the first step just by reading this page. Take a look at what's waiting in the wings to help you survive this mess: 

* What Kind of Mortgage Fits You Best? 
* How to reduce your grocery costs by 10 or more 
* Cut Your Energy Bill 
* Stomp Your Phone Bill 
* Chop Your Cable Bill 
* 10 Ways to Bust the Cost of Your Auto Insurance 
* Lower the Cost of Your Homeowner's Insurance 
* Heal Your Health Care Costs 
* Tame the Credit Card Monster 
* Life Insurance - Who Needs it 
* Slash Those Travel Costs 

Also learn how to get more out of your paycheck and how to build a budget and stick to it! You even get worksheets and comments from a credit counselor. 

Don't wait. "Surviving the Recession" is your ticket to surviving these troubled times. They won't last forever, but thus far there is no end in sight. The upside is that by the time we do recover you will be way ahead of the game armed with all you've learned! 

Get your copy now so you can survive this recession! 

Don't take our word for it. 
Check it out for yourself:- 


How is your credit card debt? 
Are you one of the lucky Americans? 
8 Ways this Book can Help You Live Better 
How would you feel if you were really in charge of your finances? 

Getting Started 
How to Get Started 

2 The Myth of Fixed Costs 
Mortgage, Mortgage - What Kind of Mortgage Fits You Best? 
Where to get information on mortgage rates 
Where to find an ARM calculator 
Learn from our bad experience 
Direct Lender Compared to Broker 

3: Slice and Dice those Food Costs 
How to reduce your grocery costs by 10 or more 
Where to find those money-saving coupons online 
Tried and true ways to save money on groceries 
Watch your Attitude 
Get a notebook 
Read the fine print in all store ads and on your coupons 
Know when to use a list 
Know when not to use a list 
Grocery stores are for groceries 
Take a rain check 
Know the system 
Realize that more isn't always cheaper 
Does your store honor competitors' prices? 
Look for double coupons26 Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved- 3 - 
"Surviving the Recession" by Douglas Hanna Page 4 of 
Weigh before you pay 
Make sure those bargains really are bargains 
Realize that sometimes the best bargain isn't the lowest price 
Make sure mistakes don't happen 
Put your savings to work 

Chapter 4: Cut Your Energy Bill 
Quick, easy things you can do to reduce that bill 
The Cheapest Answer 
Inexpensive storm windows 
A great $60 investment 
Do new windows make sense? 
Do your own cost analysis 
Free Information from Your Government 

Chapter 5: Stomp Your Phone Bill 
Fewer features could mean nice savings 
Drop that landline? 
Minutes, minutes, are you really using all those minutes? 
Have you thought about phone cards? 
Dial a few extra numbers and save big! 
Tricks and Traps 
Some Simple Questions 
Be sure to check billing increments 

Chapter 6: Chop Your Cable Bill 
Subscribe to movies instead of premium channels 
Could you save with satellite TV? 
How about DirectTV? 

Chapter 7: 10 Ways to Bust the Cost of Your Auto Insurance 
Get at least three price quotes 
Check insurance costs before you buy your next car 
Reduce the coverage on older cars 
Keep a good credit record 
How old is your car and what is its condition? 
12 fast and simple formulas to get low-cost car insurance 
Can you qualify for a low mileage discount? 
Check about group insurance 
Are you paying for duplicate medical coverage?43 Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved- 4 - 
"Surviving the Recession" by Douglas Hanna Page 5 of 
Look for other discounts 

Chapter 8: Lower the Cost of Your Homeowner's Insurance 
Shop around 
See what you might save with higher deductibles 
Can you make your house disaster-resistant? 
Upgrade your home security 
Look for other discounts 
Keep your credit record clean and up to date 
Don't change insurers 
Don't pay for coverage you don't need 
If you are in a government plan, look at private insurance 
Consider the cost of insuring it before you buy a home 

Chapter 9: Heal Your Health Care Costs? 
Can you actually trim these costs? 
Pay less for your medication 
Can you take advantage of a flexible spending account (FSA)? 
Fight overcharges 
Can you play "Let's make a deal?" 

Chapter 10: How to Tame the Credit Card Monster 
Interest Rates Really Matter 
More ways to get out of credit card debt 
What about those credit counseling companies? 
The time value of money 
Give yourself a credit check-up 
If you find errors 
How to get your credit reports 

Chapter 11: Life Insurance - Who Needs it? 
The Secret to Buying Life Insurance 
Term compared to cash-value Insurance 
Term or cash-value; which is right for you? 
How to eliminate that pesky life insurance agent 

Chapter 12: Slash Those Travel Costs 
Travel like a Prince on a pauper's budget 
How can you get the best possible fare? 
How flexible can you be?68 Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved- 5 - 
"Surviving the Recession" by Douglas Hanna Page 6 of 
How to cut the price of a ticket you've already purchased 
What about charter flights? 
Interested in saving money on a Disney World vacation? 
How to save money on a hotel room 
Resort Vacations 
Sink the cost of cruising 

Chapter 13: Even More Cost-cutting Tips 
Auto Maintenance 
If your car is under warranty 
When your car is not under warranty 
Lunches at work? 
Cutting your entertainment budget 
Trim those clothing costs 
Buy school supplies when they're on sale 
Free coupons that can help you save big! 

Chapter 14: Building a Budget and Sticking To It 
Were your goals too high or too low? 
See your savings 
Budgeting - tough love style 
Is saving money part of your budget? 
A 401K: It can still be a working person's best investment 
Other investment alternatives 
For the small business owner and the self-employed 
Why you might select a SEP over a Solo 401K 

Chapter 15: How to Get More out of Your Paycheck 
Flexible Spending Accounts 
How Flexible Spending Accounts Work 
Dependent-care flexible spending 
Transportation reimbursement 

Chapter 16: The Other Alternative - Increasing Your income 
One picture can definitely be worth 1,000 words 
Build a business on eBay 
Liquidations and close outs 
More places to get the good stuff 
How to profit from bad spelling91 Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved- 6 - 
"Surviving the Recession" by Douglas Hanna Page 7 of 
How to find out what's hot 

Appendix A - Check Your Progress 
How to use this worksheet 
Your New Budget Worksheet 

Appendix B: Your Worksheet for Auto Insurance 

Appendix C: Facts About Credit Scoring 
The factors that make up your credit score 
Other factors 
If you're turned down for credit 
Is Credit Scoring Fair? 
What about loans? 
What could create an error on your credit report? 
Keep a good credit score? 
What a credit counselor says 

About The Author 

Douglas Hanna is a retired advertising and marketing executive. He lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado with his wife and two dogs. 

In his capacity as an advertising agency VP of Creative Services, Douglas worked closely with one of his state's largest banks and one of its largest savings & loan institutions. These experiences taught him many of the financial tips and tricks you will find throughout this book. 

In addition, Douglas has spent many years researching and writing about personal finances and is the author of more than 25 well-received ezine articles on the subject. Douglas has also written more than 200 other articles on a variety of subjects. 

Douglas knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to survive financially during tough times. As a 23-year old, Douglas found himself supporting a wife and baby on less than $5500 a year. This led him to a strong interest in personal money management, which has lasted throughout his adult life. 

"My life was very difficult for a number of years," Douglas recently said. Given these experiences, he decided to learn everything he could about cutting costs and saving money. "While these times were tough," he said, 'I was able to get through them by learning many of the money-saving techniques I have included in this book." 

His book is dedicated to all those of you who are interested in cutting costs and surviving tough times like Douglas. 

P.S. Don't wait catch your recession beaters now!

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